Professional Knowledge Management is imperative for the success of enterprises. A decisive factor for the success of KM-projects is the co-ordination of elements such as corporate culture, enterprise organisation, human resource management and information and communication technology. The adequate alignment and balancing of these factors is currently little understood - especially the role of IT, which is often regarded only as an implementation tool, though it can be a driver by making new KM-solutions possible.

The conference gathers representatives of practical and research fields in order to discuss experiences, professional applications and visions through presentations, workshops, tutorials and an accompanying industry-exhibition. The main focus of the conference is put on the realization of KM-strategies with the aid of innovative IT-solutions, such as the intelligent access to organizational memories, or the integration of business processes and KM. Also of interest are integral attempts of KM, dealing with questions of integration of people, organisations and IT.

The 1st conference "Professionelles Wissensmanagement - Erfahrungen und Visionen (WM2001)" took place in Baden-Baden chaired by Prof. Rudi Studer and Dr. Steffen Staab, AIFB Universität Karlsruhe. This year's 2nd conference will be organized by the interest groups of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. as well as by the Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement e.V. and the Swiss Group for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. Please refer to the tab organisation for further information.

  FG Wissensmanagement (PD Dr. U. Reimer)
  FG Adaptivität und Benutzermodellierung in interaktiven Softwaresystemen (Dr. N. Henze)
  FG Information Retrieval (Prof. Dr. N. Fuhr)
  AK Grundlagen der Modellierung und Ausführung von Workflows (Prof. Dr. S. Jablonski)
  FG Management Support Systems (Prof. Dr. B. Rieger)
  FG Computer Supported Cooperative Work (Prof. Dr. G. Schwabe)
  FG Vorgehensmodelle für die betriebliche Anwendungsentwicklung (Dr. R. Kneuper)


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  Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement e.V.
  Swiss Group for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science